Cloud security cannot
be an afterthought

While deploying IT resources on the cloud, securing them against various threats and vulnerabilities requires a deep understanding of the security models used by Cloud Providers such as AWS and the approaches that you can take and the tools you can use. Tivona helps clients deploy their applications, servers and other resources securely on the cloud.

Engagement Snapshot

Helping an Edu Tech Start up
with Cloud Optimisation

The client started facing issues with performance and disproportionately high monthly bills on their AWS infrastructure after acquiring about 30,000 customers.

Tivona worked with the client closely and recommended a series of changes in design to make the key applications scalable, load balanced, highly available while achieving about 35% cost savings. Explore our Cloud Services.

Tivona Insights


Cloudwatch events are your “Cloud Cron”
Many web applications need certain batch jobs to be run as per a schedule and cron is everybody’s favorite to run such scheduled jobs. In the case of small web applications, cron jobs are scheduled on the same machine where the web server is running. This works fine at testing stage. But …

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Watch your data traffic in AWS closely
Data traffic is an important cost element on AWS. Estimating the cost you may incur due to data traffic requires a clear understanding how data traffic is metered and how various types of data traffic is measured. 2 Simple thumb rules can help you optimize your data traffic cost.

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