Tivona’s Cloud consulting services help Startups and SMBs adopt cloud confidently. Moving the infrastructure to the cloud from physical data center or deploying various components of applications on the cloud without adequate technical knowledge of various cloud computing services generally results in sub-optimal utilization of the cloud services. Tivona helps enterprises in the following areas:

Application Deployment

Tivona’s Certified AWS Solution Architects analyze the application’s infrastructural needs including the scalability aspects of the infrastructure. There are times when certain aspects of the application may need to be tweaked to make various components scalable. We recommend engagement with us at an early stage in the application development, so that the scalability aspects can be built into the application to make the best use of cloud.

While deploying the application, Tivona factors in and balances robustness and cost and ensures that the application is deployed on an optimally designed infrastructure. In addition to the production environment, Tivona also helps development teams use cloud for their QA and Staging environments as well. In the case of applications and APIs that can benefit from delivery from several locations in the world, we help deploy the applications on Cloud Front, the content delivery network of AWS.


Migration of infrastructure from a physical data center to a cloud environment is a non-trivial task as it involves a major shift in the way an enterprise manages its infrastructure. Often enterprises that go ahead with migration to the cloud without adequate preparation or expert assistance end up with sub-optimal results with their migration exercises. Tivona works closely with all stakeholders of the enterprise and assists them in understanding the big picture as well as the nitty-gritty involved in migrations and helps them get the best results from the migration exercise.


Once an application is deployed on the cloud or an infrastructure is moved to the cloud, an enterprise needs to see if they are getting the best out of their infrastructure. In a physical data center, the cost elements are clear and and estimating the total cost of ownership is relatively more straight forward, whereas on the cloud, because of the complexity of various elements that go into the cost of the infrastructure, knowledge of the pricing intricacies is enormously useful in cost optimizaton. For example, connecting to a database server using the public IP may result in avoidable cost of data traffic apart from, of course, making the database servers vulnerable. Tivona has managed to help the clients reduce their AWS bills by 20-30%.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud services such as AWS offer many services that help product teams to bring in scalability by using various serverless solutions such as messaging servers, push notification servers, queue servers, email servers etc. Tivona helps development teams understand the value of these services and how they can be leveraged to make the product more robust, scalable and cost-optimized deployment. Mobile application or web application backend APIs benefit enormously by bringing in asynchronosity with the use of notification/queue services etc.Tivona provides consulting services and works closely with the dev teams to drive better cloud adoption. Sometimes such an engagement also comes bundled with necessary training for the members of the development teams.

AWS offers several services that can be leveraged to reduce the effort involved in building large robust and scalable applications. Asynchronicity is the key for performance of large applications. Services such as SNS, SQS etc make implementation of asynchronous notifications, scheduling jobs etc. easy. Tivona helps in developing applications leveraging the cloud and in re-architecting applications to benefit from the serverless services from cloud providers such as AWS.

Serverless Services

Tivona helps in development of applications to make effective use of Notification Services, Queuing Services, Emailing Services etc. from AWS.

Lambda functions coupled with API Gateway offer a new way to setup super-scalable APIs without worrying about setting up and managing servers, operating systems, applications etc. Lambda+API Gateway has emerged as an ideal combination for delivering micro services.


All the services of AWS are available Via AWS APIs.Tivona assists organizations build products leveraging AWS offerings to develop cloud  native applications such as API Gateway, Lambda functions etc.

Tivona helps organizations integrate their infrastructural applications such as,  create infra dashboards etc. with AWS based infrastructure.

Tivona also helps development teams understand Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery related services that AWS offers. Use of these services reduces the cost of managing CI/CD tools. We consult with and train the development teams in the use of CI/CD services of AWS.

Cloud Computing has democratized access to robust infrastructures and even a cash-strapped start-up can set up a global fault tolerant highly available infrastructure foundation for their applications. However, since this is a new area of technology, most infra teams are not geared to manage cloud deployments effectively. Also, Cloud infrastructures require smaller but  knowledgeable teams to manage  them. Tivona steps in to assist such organizations with their Managed Cloud Services.


Tivona’s cloud specialists have deep knowledge in various modern IT tools and have experience handling several automation engagements. With expertise in configuration management tools (such as Chef, Puppet), cloud native management solutions (such as Systems Manager/Run Command etc.) and provisioning tools( such as Cloud Formations etc.), Tivona’s engineer help clients automate their infra tasks and follow the best practices of managing “infrastructure as code” resulting in tested, repeatable deployment.

Infrastructure Management

Tivona offers managed services to maintain Cloud based infrastructure. Our infra management team is equipped to make use of native monitoring tools such as cloud watch, custom deployed monitoring tools, setting up/responding to alarms etc. Since we deal with the infrastructure of several clients, you can benefit from our economies of scale and have access to a professional services team at a fraction of the cost you may otherwise incur.

Application Management

Apart from managing generic infrastructure, Tivona also take ownership of managing applications deployed on the cloud. Engineers working on Application Management team are typically trained well on the managed applications and are in a position to respond quickly to any events in the application or to requests raised by end customers. We offer application support services on a shared services model to startups and SMEs and Dedicated Support services for larger engagements.

Because of the empowered teams managing the applications, we have seen a very collaborative and effective relationship with development teams, which is crucial especially in the case of smaller organizations and this collaboration has made roll out of new releases easy.