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Become a confident AWS Admin / Architect
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“friends don’t let friends build data centers”

– Infor CEO Charles Phillips at AWS 2014 San Francisco Summit,


“Cloud and distributed computing has remained in the #1 spot for the past two
years and is the Top Skill on almost every list — including France, Germany,
India, Ireland, Singapore, the U.S., and Spain”

Linkedin report on “Top Skills That Can Get You Hired In 2017

Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) has been the market leader in the cloud computing domain and is the best place to start if you want to get started with cloud computing. Considering that a lot of physical data centers are being migrated to the cloud services such as Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), AWS would be a good addition to your profile.

We have had students from most of the top IT organisations such as IBM, HP, HCL, Wipro, TCS, CTS, Infosys, Capgemini, Verizon, etc. Average experience of our students has been around 8 years.

The course is suitable for both AWS Sysops and AWS Solution Architect Certifications. Well thought out curriculum with learning outcomes at every stage, industry experts as trainers combined with our highly effective teaching methodology provides a high impact learning experience.

Tivona conducts both online course and classroom courses in Chennai. The course coverage is the same in both modes and both are run by the same set of trainers. Tivona allows flexibility to students to move between online courses and classroom courses.

What is in it for me?


Your exploration of AWS would start with learning the basics of compute / storage / networking / security offerings from AWS. Depending upon your profile, here is what you can do further with AWS:


>> System / Storage / Network Administrator

Gain a good understanding of building and maintaining elastic, reliable and robust infrastructures on AWS.

>> Solution Architects

Design AWS based infrastructures for mobile / api / web application backends, migration of physical data centers to AWS etc.

>> Entrepreneurs / CXO

Learn how you can leverage AWS to reduce the time-to-market and to minimize the cost of experimentation and also to learn how to serve world class services at zero capex


“Tutor was extremely knowledgeable and well informed about AWS concepts. His wealth of technology experience, depth of the subject, practical exposure in architecture cloud solutions, knowledge on various tools / platforms (I can keep appending) makes him a versatile trainer. He articulates intricate matters much to the detail for easy understanding. I gained a wholesome insight into AWS cloud solutions at ease by enrolling with such an able trainer. Thanks for you guidance and support. “

Vijay Anand P

“AWESOME!! Worth spending every penny attending his training. A very knowledgeable person with in depth knowledge is various tools and technology. I attended his AWS sysops training and definitely attained a better confidence level in the topics covered. Hats off Murthy. Kuddos. “

Introducing AWS JumpStart


12-session ( 24-hour ) course delivered online via Webex

Curriculum in-line with AWS sysops / solution architect certifications

Tivona Global Introduces AWS Jumpstart course

Online Course

Delivery: Online using Webex

Duration: 12 Sessions (2 Hours)


IST 6AM to 8AM



INR 16,000 / USD 399

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Classroom Sessions

Location: T.Nagar, Chennai, INDIA

Duration: 12 Sessions (2 Hours)


IST 4PM to 6PM



INR 16,000 / USD 399

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Taught By Professionals

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years of IT infrastructure

Learn by real world cases

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-hour worth projects

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Course Contents

Introduction to AWS

What is cloud computing?

Survey of cloud computing Industry

Various services offered by AWS

Compute Service


Elasticity & Load Balancing

Elastic Block Storage ( EBS )

Storage Services

Simple Storage Service ( S3 )


Cloud Front

Storage Gateway!

Monitoring & Logging

Cloud Watch Monitoring

Cloud Watch Logs

Cloud Watch Events/Alarms

Cloud Trail


Networking, Security, Authentication, Authorization

Virtual Private Cloud ( VPC )

Internet Gateway

NAT Gateway

Security Groups

Network ACLs

Identity and Access Management ( IAM )

Multi Factor Authentication ( MFA )

Federated Access

Route 53

AWS Interfaces – Automation

Web Console

AWS Command Line Interface ( CLI )

AWS Application Programming Interface ( API )

Cloud Formation

Run Command

Ops Works


Databases on EC2 instances

Relational Database Service ( RDS )

Non-SQL Database Service – DynamoDB

Platform as a service

Elastic Beanstalk

Server Less Computing

Simple Notification Service ( SNS )

Simple Email Service ( SES )

Simple Queue Service ( SQS )

API Gateway

Lambda Functions


Planning/Designing Infrastructure

Fault Tolerance/High Availability Strategies

Hybrid Architecture

Disaster Recovery Strategies

Migration to Cloud


Deployment of a mobile application backend on AWS

Migration of services from a physical datacenter to AWS

Tech Experts

Murthy Raju M R K

Founder & CTO
Tivona Global

AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Google Authorized Cloud Trainer

Murthy has 15+ years of IT experience in the fields of Infrastructure Management, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Automation and development using Python, Java, PHP, Perl etc. He has a deep interest in learning, teaching and mentoring. He has trained 100s of IT professionals

Johnson D

Solution Architect
Tivona Global

Johnson has 10+ years of IT experience in the fields of Linux, FreeBSD, Remote Infrastructure Management, Virualization, Cloud Computing, AWS, OpenStack and development in Python. He is very active in OpenStack community and maintains several tech blogs. He is a contributor to the official documentation of Open Stack. He is passionate about life-long learning and helping others learn.