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“DevOps is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration (information sharing and Web service usage), integration, automation and measurement between software developers and Information Technology (IT) professionals”



“DevOps Is At the Center of a Long-Term IT Revolution”
“DevOps Workers Are Enjoying Unprecedented Compensation and Job Security”



Domains like build&release, testing, version control, configuration management have been undergoing a big transformation due to adoption of automation. There is a pressure on System Administrators and other professionals to acquire automation skills to be able to adopt well to this changing IT Landscape. A wide range of IT professionals find that the knowledge of Devops approaches are relevant to their work and are inevitable if they have to stay relevant.

What is in it for me?


>> Build & Release Engineers

You will be able to design and implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery systems to reduce the time to market and for a dramatic improvement in the reliability of the product. You will also be able to learn how to deliver your applications as containers to make deployments effortless.

>> Test Engineers

You will be able to adopt automation in your work so that you can test at a much wider/larger scale and contribute to the quality of the product.

>> Systems / Network / Storage Administrators

You will be able to manage automated configuration management of servers to improve the reliability of administration and for ease of patching servers and applications. You will be able to extract more from your infrastructure from the use of containerization. You will also be able to adopt development approaches such as version control for moving towards managing ‘infrastructructure as code’.


“Have attended online devops training which covered puppet, jenkins, git,docker.Got good insight about overall devops roles and responsibilities and helped me to understand the functionality of above mentioned technologies. Looking forward for some other courses with him.”


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Lakshmi Narayana

“He teaches the particular topics was excellent. I got good knowledge have attended one month online DevOps Training. Unlike other trainers, the way edge in all covered topics in training. I liked the way he explains topics in detail. I would recommend if anyone interested to learn DevOps.”

Introducing DevOps JumpStart


Carefully designed course covering Configuration management, version control, Continuous Integration/Delivery and containerization

12-session ( 24-hour ) course delivered online via Webex

Tivona Global Introduces DevOps Jumpstart course

Online Course

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Duration: 12 Sessions (2 Hours)


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Course Contents

Version Control Systems

What is a version control system?

Introduction to git

cloning a repository, pull/add/commit/push routine

branching, resolving conflicts

popular git hosting services – github, bitbucket etc.

Configuration Management Systems

Introduction to configuration management systems

Puppet Architecture

Puppet agent

Resource Abstraction Layer

Puppet Manifests and running them on a standalone puppet node

DSL – The language of puppet manifests – vocabulary, constructs and coding best practices

DSL – Resources, classes, custom types, modules, inheritance, templates

DSL – Relationships


Puppet Server

Node Definitions


Puppet Forge

Puppet eco-system – Hiera, MCollective, PuppetDB, Puppet Enterprise, External Node Classifier etc.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Introduction to CI/CD

Installation and configuration of Jenkins server

Automated builds, tests, code quality audits and reports

Integration with version control systems

Integration with IDEs


Installation and configuration



Docker Cluster – Swarm

Integration with Jenkins

Tech Experts

Murthy Raju M R K

Founder & CTO
Tivona Global

AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Google Authorized Cloud Trainer

Murthy has 15+ years of IT experience in the fields of Infrastructure Management, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Automation and development using Python, Java, PHP, Perl etc. He has a deep interest in learning, teaching and mentoring. He has trained 100s of IT professionals

Johnson D

Solution Architect
Tivona Global

Johnson has 10+ years of IT experience in the fields of Linux, FreeBSD, Remote Infrastructure Management, Virualization, Cloud Computing, AWS, OpenStack and development in Python. He is very active in OpenStack community and maintains several tech blogs. He is a contributor to the official documentation of Open Stack. He is passionate about life-long learning and helping others learn.