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python for systems programming
python scripting used for automation
python used for test automation in both UI and perfomance testing
python used for web application development

Become a confident Python Developer
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“Python is currently the most popular language for teaching introductory computer science courses at top-ranked U.S. departments.”
Python is getting increasingly popular for systems programming. Many tools in various distributions are developed in Python. Python is almost the de-facto scripting language used to sysops for their automation work. With emphasis on automation in every domain of IT today, Python is a great addition to one's profile
What is in it for me?
  • >> System / Storage / Network Administrator
    You will be able to automate many of your tasks using Python. While bash still is useful, python let's you write more structured code and also write less code because you can benefit from millions of lines of python code out there.
  • >> Test Engineers
    You will be able to adopt test automation, whether you are in UI Testing or in performance testing, python is a popular language
  • >> Web Developers
    There are millions of sites developed in popular python based web frameworks such as Django. A good foundation in Python helps you adopt frameworks such as Django.
  • >> Researchers / Data Scientists
    There are a large number of tools for scientific / mathematical / statistical computing in python. You may be surprised that python is the language of choice for many people working in Bioinformatics. The key is the availability of a large number of libraries.

"Was thinking of taking Python course for long time and finally joined the course,noted that, I have ended up in good hands. The course was well structured with in depth technical details explained well. Looking forward to take more course from sir."
"The Python course starts from the very basic level and there-on builds to the complex steps. The course is structured in such a way that it helps an individual from a non-programming background to think in a logical way:- to break any given problem / requirement to smaller phrases and code, accordingly... All Q&A are timely addressed in the session and the guidance with the to-do exercises, does gives in more confidence for the trainee. All in short, I enjoyed learning from Murthy and prefer to enroll for further courses, training associated with him. "
"I am person with no coding background. I took python training classes under Murthy sir and now i have an insight of python and i am confident of coding well in Python. Murthy sir's expertise in the language is praiseworthy. He is able to communicate and convey his standpoint with ease. His assignments and tasks ensure us of a good learning and detailed practice of his lectures at home. A very Professional punctual, dedicated and a friendly trainer with whose guidance all students are sure to benefit. Thank you sir"
"Murthy Raju is an excellent trainer in Python. He makes you understand the basics in a much efficient and practical way. But I can assure if one does some practise on the problems he assigns and attend all of his classess, I am sure you will learn the best way towards resolution of any problem. Dont expect spoon feeding kind of treatment from him :). The fear towards programming will reduce after you go through any programming technology he teaches you. Full Kudos to Murthy garu and his style of teaching."

Introducing Python JumpStart

Carefully designed first course in Programming with Python
12-session ( 24-hour ) course delivered online via Webex ( Class Room options available )
Introduction to python Jumpstart
Online Course
Delivery: Online using Webex
Duration: 12 Sessions (2 Hours)
09:00 AM to 11:00 AM
INR 16,000 / USD 399
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Classroom Sessions
Location: T.Nagar, Chennai, INDIA
Duration: 12 Sessions (2 Hours)
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
INR 16,000 / USD 399
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Taught by professional with 15+ years of IT infrastructure experience
Handle tonnes of hands-on exercises - 48-hour worth projects
Access to recordings and E-mail support between classes
Course Contents
  • Introduction
    • Python
    • Python Documentation Sources
    • Python Ecosystem
  • Language Basics
    • Variables
    • Data Types
    • Expressions
    • Statements
    • Iteration
    • Conditionals
    • Recursion
    • User Interaction
    • File Handling
  • Data Structures
    • Lists
    • Tuples
    • Dicts
  • Functions
    • Args and Kwargs
    • Unit Testing Functions
  • Object Orientation
    • Classes
    • Objects
    • Inheritance
  • Python Ecosystem
    • Python Interpreter
    • Standad Library
    • Third Party Libraries
    • PyPI
    • Pip
    • Virtualenv
    • Modules/Packages/Libraries
    • Packaging/Distribution of code
  • Tools and Techniques
    • IDEs
    • Debugging
    • Version Control Systems
  • Libraries
    • Operating System Interactions
    • Python System
    • Text Processing
    • Database Interactions
    • CSV
    • Networking - HTTP/SMTP/FTP
  • Project
Tech Experts
Trainer Mr.Murthy Raju
Founder & CTO
Murthy has 15+ years of IT experience in the fields of Infrastructure Management, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Automation and development using Python, Java, PHP, Perl etc. He has a deep interest in learning, teaching and mentoring. He has trained 100s of IT professionals.
Trainer Mr.Johnson
Cloud Architect
Johnson has 10+ years of IT experience in the fields of Linux, FreeBSD, Remote Infrastructure Management, Virualization, Cloud Computing, AWS, OpenStack and development in Python. He is very active in OpenStack community and maintains several tech blogs. He is a contributor to the official documentation of Open Stack. He is passionate about life-long learning and helping others learn.